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The mission of Foundation Stones, Inc. is to provide effective community based (in-home) services, training and support to enable individuals age 14 and older (Life Skills) and 19 years and older (Independent Living) with significant psychiatric functional limitations to achieve and maintain community stability and independence in the most appropriate and least restrictive environment. Again, the treatment focus is on assisting the client with independent living skills.


“On going community supports in a variety of social settings are the building blocks to a healthy well-balanced foundation.”


Individuals’ strengths and challenges must be assessed and a supportive network must be provided in order that they live their lives to the fullest degree possible. It is our belief that most individuals with mental illness function best in a community-based coordinated system of comprehensive services. Further we believe that effective treatment must be multidisciplinary. Foundation Stones, Inc. serves to help each individual realize his/her goals and works with them to achieve independence while fostering dignity and self-respect. Our multidisciplinary team conducts comprehensive assessments, establishes viable individual service plans, teaches life and job skills, and links residents to appropriate community resources.

The Foundation Stones, Inc. Approach:

FSI applies a strength-based approach, relying on multiple avenues to increase and develop self sufficiency for our clients. The expected outcome results in well-balanced individuals who desire to contribute positively to their community.

Three specific steps in this approach include:

Step 1: Utilizing self-assessment tools, the individual develops a self-awareness of strengths that assist the individual in daily growth and maturity. This approach will focus on the individual’s strengths while being aware of weaknesses and offer balance.

Step 2: Through community connections, the individual will identify social strengths that help him/her become a productive citizen while promoting “strength in unity”.

Step 3: Through education, the individual, via assessment tools, will identify skills, talents and abilities to build a foundation for increased educational opportunities.