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For Referring Professionals,

FSI’s mission is to provide effective mental health services to families in need in the communities where they live. Our counselors collaborate and coordinate with other case involved service providers and professionals, such as; attorneys, school personnel, social workers, and probation counselors. By facilitating an open dialogue between these entities and the client families, the treatment planning process directly addresses the service recipient’s needs and expressed preferences of the family. This process also identifies community resources and services that can be of benefit to both the clients and their respective families. To make a referral please click on the referral sheet below and fax to the number listed. Contact us at the office number listed on the referral sheet or visit the Contact Us page.

Thank you in advance for helping Foundation Stones, Inc. develop future community leaders.

Currently receiving FAPT referrals for the Life Skills and Independent Living Skills Service for both Individual and Group counseling.

Currently receiving MEDICAID referrals for the Mental Health Skill Builder Services for Individual services.


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FSI Comparison of Services Flyer 6 8 2012

FSI Rate Sheet 4 10 2012