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Foundation Stones, Inc. has a variety of programs and services with different guidelines for eligibility. Clink on the link to review eligibility factors for your program or service of interest.

General Assessment

The assessment process will vary by program or service offered. Program assessments are generally completed by an LMHP or Licensed Mental Health Professional (or LMHP-Eligible). However, some programs may allow for a QMHP to complete assessments. Even in this case, assessments will be completed according to the same format of the most stringent program, besides the employee status.

Preliminary Assessment

Prior to admitting anyone to FSI’s home-based services program, the LMHP shall complete a preliminary assessment that is detailed enough to determine that the individual qualifies for admission and to develop a preliminary individualized services plan. The preliminary assessment shall include the following:


  1. A description of the abuse or neglect, emotional difficulties, or behavioral difficulties that led to the referral;
  2. A description of any treatment or service needs that have been identified by the referral source;
  3. A brief description of the service recipient and family’s behavioral, functional, and social strengths, if known;
  4. A description of any past treatment or service efforts and their outcomes, if known;
  5. The names of presently involved service providers and the names of past service providers, if known;
  6. Any medications currently prescribed for the service recipient and the service recipient’s history of medical care, if known; and
  7. Information concerning any applicable legal status of the service recipient and family, including guardianship, relevant criminal charges or convictions, probation or parole status, and any legal finding or pending proceedings concerning abuse or neglect;
  8. If a client meets admission criteria the LMHP will develop a preliminary service plan, within 24 hrs.


Program Assessment Standards FAPT Referrals:

May or may not require the assessment to completed by a LMHP. In this case, assessments may be completed by a QMHP or LMHP.

Referrals with Medicaid Eligibility:

A LMHP must complete the assessment.


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